Pathfinders Camp (Woodlarks) is a charity (1171466) with appointed Trustees. The current Trustees are:

Jane Pyzniuk

Chair of Trustees

Sam Dunn

Trustee and Camp Leader

Pathfinders to me, if I could distill it into three words, would be ‘Friendship’, ‘Kindness’, and ‘Possibilities’.  I joined Pathfinders many years ago and came on my own, knowing no-one, and came away from that first week with loads of new friends, who I am still fortunate to have as friends today, over 30 years later. Being part of Pathfinders keeps my mind open to new possibilities, and even those of us who have been coming for a long time learn something new every year, whether that’s around a new piece of technology making things more accessible or looking at a situation in a different way to make activities possible for everyone. The main thing you need to start with at Pathfinders is kindness and the drive to help others, we’re all here as Pathfinders to open up the realms of possibility, confidence, and the ability for everyone (ourselves included) to learn and experience new things.

Jo Fulford

Trustee and Treasurer

Karen Selwood


I first came to Pathfinders many years ago partly though a Girl Guide group for people with disabilities and also to fulfil my residential as part of my gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award. Many years later I am still here and now a trustee. Woodlarks is a wonderful place with great facilities to enable everyone to experience camping in an amazing environment. Many friends are made through Pathfinders Camp and it is a privilege to be part of the team to facilitate this week’s camping every year. For me it is wonderful to see all participants achieve things they were not aware they could whether they come are here for the first time or a seasoned Pathfinder.

Dave Grosvenor


I believe that adventure is about living outside your comfort zone and that time spent there provides the growth to which we all aspire. However, adventure doesn’t have to be risky or lack fun. Our responsibility as trustees is to ensure that Pathfinders Camp is a community where everyone can have their own adventures with the sure knowledge that the safety net is not far away. So, if you join the Pathfinders family you’ll be able to experience new things: light a fire, cook a meal for someone else, swim in the open air, explore the woodland independently, sleep under the stars – the list is only limited by your imagination and Pathfinders’ ingenuity to make it happen.

Pathfinders Camp has a Steering Committee whose purpose is to guide the development of the camp for the future.
Day-on-day responsibility for managing the organisation of the camp is led by the following people who are, in turn, supported by a cast of many.