“Pathfinders is somewhere incredibly special, and you will find kindness in abundance.  We are all there for one common goal, to make the best of the week and have a fantastic time.  You will meet people you may not normally have met in your daily life and they will become life-long friends.”

Sam, Camp Leader

“She loves it so much……she talks about it all year. Thank you to everyone who makes it possible”

– Heather, Maria’s mum


“Pathfinders opens my life to new things and I completely feel free on camp.”
– Zo Zo, Camper


“For me camp is the most incredible place, where together we make the impossible, possible!”
– Kim, Helper


“Pathfinders is my favourite place, where I’ve made some of my happiest memories and closest friends. There is nothing like it. Come prepared to have fun, get stuck in, think creative, try something new, be a friend, and laugh until everything hurts. You’ll go home tired, mucky, happy, with a bag of memories and new friends and with no regrets.”
– Nori, Helper


“I been coming to pathfinders camp for 27 years, it’s like we all big family plus all the helpers are great. Thanks”
– Angela, Camper


“Pathfinders camp is one great big family, where you make life long friends. Everyone helps everyone – helpers help campers, campers help helpers, campers help campers, helpers help helpers. It is the most wonderful place in the world – full of love and laughter. Try out a new experience or a familiar one in a completely different way. I wouldn’t be who I am without Pathfinders.”
– Hazel, Crew


“It’s going to be tough at times, fun most of the time, and rewarding all of the time. I learnt more about myself at camp than in 18 years of work, and made the very best kind of friends. I’m sure the campers helped me, more than I helped them.”
– Claire, Helper  (read in full here)


“Woodlarks is different. it is a magical place where people work together, play together, have fun and a really good holiday away from everyday life.”
– Carolyn, Helper


“It is a magical place to be a big happy camping family. I have been helping at camp for 15 years.”
– Katy, Helper


“I love coming too pathfinders camp. My friends Tracey and Carla introduced me. I have never looks back.”
Katie, Camper


“As a well heeled Pathfinder, it has changed slightly over the years and by that I mean each leader has brought with them their own stamp on how camp should be. Despite that, the actual dynamics of camp has never changed. There are sorrows and absolute laughter until your side splits. I always say to any new camper/helper that it is a very tiring week especially for the helpers. I never kid them that it will be easy but through the tough times, the magic moments stick and that is the hold/bond with Pathfinders. Each and every person whilst at Pathfinders goes home with a different perspective of themselves. All in all Pathfinders is ‘home’ for many of us and can be for others too if they would like to join us.”
– Carla, Camper/Crew