A few Pathfinders were having a chat and suggested we compile a database of stories – our Memories from Pathfinders.

This is going to be a very long-term project – we’d love to make a book but we’re sorry that you won’t be able to read that book for a year or two at least…

But we need your help!

We would love as many people as want to submit true stories of their memories from Pathfinders. You can do that using the form below. Send as many as you like – we’re sure you have plenty of tales to tell!

You can come back several times and there is no time limit. Your memory should be written in prose (like you are telling a story to someone who doesn’t know about Pathfinders at all) but can be any length. Ideally at least 200 words.

If you have a memory to share but would like help to write it as a story, you can let us know. If you like, you could organise a call with a Pathfinders friend/s and write your memories together.

Here are some ideas for stories you might like to tell us:
– How did you first come to camp?
– Has anything funny ever happened to your patrol?
– What activity was most special for you?
– What have you done for the first time ever at Pathfinders?