1. Contents
  2. Purpose
  3. Posters & Postcards
  4. What we ask of ambassadors
  5. Instructions
    1. Local Schools
    2. Local Clubs
    3. National Organisations
    4. Events
    5. Shopping
    6. Social Media
    7. Presentation


Pathfinders Ambassadors spread the word about the good work that Pathfinders Camp (Woodlarks) does.

We offer branded materials (physical and digital) to Pathfinder Ambassadors to promote recruitment and fundraising.

Posters & Postcards

What we ask of ambassadors

Email local schools and colleges Schools instructions
Email template
Email attachment
Email signature
Contact local clubs, societies, and groups Clubs instructions
QR code (
Find contact details for national organisations with like-minded members (such as:
Love Her Wild,
St John’s Ambulance Service, Trefoil Guide,
Elemental Challenge)
Organisations intructions
Raise funds by way of a sponsored event, cake stall, or another local fundraising event Events instructions
Event poster (Word)
Event logo
Event QR code
Sponsorship form (coming soon)
Raise funds by
prompting internet shopping among family and friends
Shopping instructions
Easyfundraising poster (coming soon)
Evangelise and enthuse on social media Social media instructions


Local Schools

  1. Find local schools and colleges offering places to female pupils over 16.
  2. Find the contact email address for the school/college (often office@, info@, or admin@) but if you can find the head of the sixth form or DofE organiser, that’s so much better.
  3. Send an email with:
    • an enticing subject line “Enrichment / Volunteering Opportunity”
    • the body of the message from the link above
    • an attachment for more information from the link above
    • a signature including
  4. Keep a record of who you’ve sent it to – so that you can do it again easily next year.

Local Clubs

  1. Find any club that might either be a source of donations or of volunteers.
  2. If you can, invite yourself to their meetings or, if not, email them with a similar message to the one for local schools.

National Organisations

  1. Find contact details for like-minded national organisations preferably an email address.
  2. Pass them to Sam, Dave, or Jane.


  1. Coming soon …


  1. Promote Pathfinders Camp shop ( with family and friends.
  2. Promote Pathfinders Camp as the charity to choose with:

Social Media

  1. Follow us on any social media platform:
  2. Redeliver blog posts from Pathfinders Camp website on social media.
  3. Add comments and likes to posts mentioning Pathfinders Camp or Woodlarks.
  4. Post your own messages using the tags below and mention Pathfinders Camp where you can.
    • #accessiblecamping
    • #pathfinderscampwoodlarks
    • #woodlarkscampsite
MonthxxxPost Themes
JanuaryNew Year’s resolution
Helper forms are out
FebruaryProgress on finding helpers
MarchTheme of camp is …
Camper forms are out
Progress on finding helpers
AprilWorking party
Progress on finding helpers
MayProgress on finding helpers
JuneProgress on finding helpers
JulyCampers selected
AugustSee you soon
Thank you Woodlarks
SeptemberWhat happened at camp – what did you miss
Dates for camp next
OctoberCharity Commission report has been sent
NovemberOnline shopping to raise money for camp
DecemberTell your family and friends about online shopping


The presentation is available for download and as a SlideShare:

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