Welcome to the sixth edition of the “Pathfinders Times”. You can download the full PDF version here.

If you have any ideas or want anything specific included in a future newsletter, please let me know at sam.dunn.home@gmail.com or via Facebook.

Welcome to the Pathfinders Times!

Inside this issue:
2016 round up
2016 Celebration
Anna & Polly’s sponsored swim
Getting to Know…
2016 Lost Property
Pathfinders 2017
DBS Certificates

 * * * * Dates for 2017! August 19th to August 26th * * * *

Pathfinders 2016—round up

Hello Everyone!

Hope that you are all well and rested after a great week spent together at Woodlarks! Weren’t we lucky with the weather this time? Spy school was a fantastic start to the week, so thanks to everyone in the Activities Team for pulling that together – it launched this year’s camp in grand style.
‘Thanks’ is the word I want to use most just now, as Dave and I step down from leading Pathfinders Camp. So firstly, we’d like to thank all members of Crew for the ways in which they have ‘just got on with the job’ and made things happen. There are so many things we just haven’t had to think about because we have known that they’d be covered and done well. As I said at campfire on Friday night, it has been both a pleasure and a privilege to steer the ‘Good Ship Pathfinders’ over the last ten years.
Thanks too to the Patrol Leaders and Seconds, many of whom have been a part of camp for a long, long time – each Patrol is indeed an experiment in small group living and you are the people who welcome our new recruits and hold the teams together. But thanks too to each and every one who was with us at camp this time – it really wouldn’t have been the same without you!!
14079728_10207376238991393_2871691196997469128_nAnd the thanks keep coming! Thank you for our lovely gifts… The tree is a masterpiece. We have not yet worked out where it will go but it is a very special memento of our time ‘at the helm’. And last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank Sam for ‘shadowing us’ over the last couple of years, in readiness to take on the challenge of leading camp. We feel sure that Sam will do a great job and that the rest of crew will continue to offer the support that gets the jobs done, so that Pathfinders continues to flourish for many, many years to come.
With love,
Love from Jane and Dave

Please remember to keep Sam up to date with your contact details at sam.dunn.home@gmail.com.

60th Celebration: 1956—2016

So 2016 was the 60th celebration of Pathfinders camp and it was lovely to see all of our visitors, old and new who joined us to mark this celebration. Big thank you to Stuart and the kitchen crew for the wonderful celebration lunch spread! Also big thanks to Helen Metcalf for the beautiful celebration cakes (one of which is pictured below). The Mobile Pizzeria guys did a fantastic job feeding us all for tea— producing 140 freshly made and cooked to order pizzas in such a short time frame is not a easy job!

Anna & Polly’s sponsored swim

A BIG congratulations for Anna Wilson for her sponsored swim, assisted by Caroline Gray, Polly Barnes, Mike Newberry and Gavin Stenning. Life-guarding provided by Nori MacIntyre and Dave Bywater.

As of the 18th August, Anna and Polly raised a massive £1956 which has been split equally between Woodlarks Camp Site and Pathfinders Camp.

Getting to know…Crew

So, A few interviews with crew will appear in a few of the newsletters going forward.
This time we are starting with…. Jackie.

Jackie has been part of the Activities team in crew for a long time!

What 5 words would you use to describe a week at Pathfinders?

  • Friendly
  • Amazing
  • Fun
  • Uplifting
  • Tiring

Tell us something that would surprise people about you (something that other people might not know)
I’m a lifesaving instructor. I teach adults and young people first aid and water rescue skills

Recommend a book, film or album from the past year that you have enjoyed, and tell us why.
Book: The Moth (editor: Catherine Burns). A book of short true stories originally told out loud. It’s great because you can dip into it. Some of the stories are fascinating, horrifying, uplifting, thought-provoking.

What “home comforts” do you miss most when you are at Pathfinders?
A chair with a cushion on it…Standing up to get dressed (I use a small, lightweight tent at camp).

How did you become involved with Pathfinders?
I did my Gold D of E residential in August 1986 and have missed very few years since.

What 2 pieces of advice would you give to someone attending Pathfinders for the first time? (or even returning folk)?  
Ask questions: How do I do that? Why do you do it that way? How can I help? Do you need help with that? We’d far rather you asked the questions than struggle!!
Pace yourself. A week of camping takes a lot of effort—you’ll enjoy the end of the week more if you are not exhausted.

2016 Lost Property

As ever, some folk have gone home with slightly lighter bags than when they arrived and are no doubt missing some of their gear.  If any of the lost property items belong to you, please contact Nicky MacIntyre on 020 8776 2326 or by e-mail nickymacintyre@btinternet.com & she will return them.

For the full list of lost property, please see pathfinders-times-issue-6.

Pathfinders 2017

We have received confirmation of the dates for 2017. August 19th to August 26th. If you work, please book the time off as soon as possible!! Also this now means it’s a really good time to start talking to other folk about camp and recruiting helpers for Pathfinders 2017! If you need any information to help you talk about Pathfinders to others, there is some available on our website, http://www.pathfinderscamp.org.uk or ask us.

Application forms for those who have been before and for anyone new who is interested in joining us, will be issued in February. As always, once the application process is open, we will operate a “waiting list” so the sooner we can get helper forms in, the sooner we can accept people for their places on camp!

DBS Certificates

If you have got a new DBS certificate this year, signing up for the DBS update service which will save a whole lot of paperwork next year, this needs to be done within 28 days of certification. it’s is very easy, just go to this link and fill in a couple of details. You just need your certificate number which is on your current DBS certificate. https://www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service Thanks!


Congratulations to Hannah Jones (nee Leggett) who got married on August 12th.



Please all have a think about how you can raise funds to help run Pathfinders, any small amount helps, whether it’s collecting your coppers in you “Pennies for Pathfinders” tins and bringing them to camp next year (I’m sure Nicky will love counting the coppers), baking a cake and selling it to your work colleagues, making crafty items (such as cards, jewellery or knitted items) and selling them, or anything else you can think of – lots of little amounts of fundraising soon adds up! For those of you working, lots of companies have community support funds that can be applied to for funding for groups such as ours, have you thought about asking at work about this?


For anyone new here and maybe for folk who might not have got around to signing up, Carla set us up last year with an easyfundraising page called ‘Pathfinders Woodlarks’ and this allows us to generate donations for camp via Internet shopping. So far, we have raised more than £350 this way!! The website is https://new.easyfundraising.org.uk and if you search on their website for Pathfinders Woodlarks, you can start to help us boost that total… Lots of the prominent Internet retailers offer donations, so if you buy books or gifts via Amazon.co.uk, we can get a little back, most of the supermarkets offer donations with online grocery shopping, many airlines and travel companies offer donations and Dave’s biggest money spinner here is that he orders goods for his business from suppliers that donate via easyfundraising… All good news and every little helps… If you need any more info, just get back to Jane or to Carla.

You can find us on facebook, just search for “Pathfinders Camp”, our website can be found at http://pathfinderscamp.org.uk/.

Woodlarks can also be found on facebook, search for “Woodlarks Camp Site” and their website is http://www.woodlarks.org.uk/

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